Trademark Infringement Letter

Trademark Infringement Letter

Intellectual property is one of the most valuable, if not the most valuable, assets that your business has. Given the expense related to the creation of intellectual property, businesses need to diligently protect their intellectual property. Often times other business or individuals are infringing upon your trademark without even being aware that they are doing so, and other times your trademark is being intentionally infringed upon. In both circumstances, businesses are prudent to send a trademark infringement letter in order to make the infringing party aware that they are infringing upon your trademark. Contact the attorneys at Nevantage Law Group so that we can graft a trademark infringement letter to protect your business’ intellectual property.

The following tasks are included in Trademark infringement letter:

  1. Initial consultation to evaluate your needs
  2. Draft and send letter alleging infringement of trademark
  3. Any litigation relating to the infringement
  4. Filing and other administrative fees

The following tasks are not included in Trademark infringement letter:

Flat Rate Price: $400