Introduction to Legal Packages

At Nevantage Law Group we realize that the market for legal services has changed considerably over the past many years, and is continuing to change now and well into the future. Individuals, business owners and others seeking legal services now more than ever demand quality legal work at reasonable prices. Others who know they need legal services are hesitant to engage an attorney because of the traditional hourly billing structure, which often leaves a client uncertain as to the exact amount of legal fees which will be incurred.

In an effort to provide clients with reasonably priced legal services, and to address the concerns of uncertainty as to the price of those legal services, Nevantage Law Group has created a number of legal products that are priced based on a flat fee arrangement. In other words, we will clearly define the nature of the legal services, and provide a flat-fee price for those legal services. The legal fees for the work that is agreed upon with the client will never exceed the flat-fee amount, unless additional work is authorized by you and is work additional to the flat-fee arrangement. We feel this is an excellent way to alleviate the clients’ fears regarding expensive legal fees, and afford the client an opportunity to better plan based on the flat-fee arrangement. Please contact the attorneys at Nevantage Law Group so that we can discuss the ways in which we are able to help you and your business be successful in an ever-challenging business and economic environment.