Series LLC Formation

Series LLC Formation

Much like Delaware, Nevada makes a conscious effort to continuously evolve its legislation to stay current on changes in the law that are relevant to limited liability companies. In 2005, as part of that effort, Nevada enacted its “Series LLC” legislation. Series LLC’s are an invaluable tool to business owners looking to segregate their assets and property owners holding multiple pieces of real property – just to name a few. The assets and liabilities of each series are separate from those of the other series, but the administrative cost and expense can be significantly reduced in comparison to owing multiple LLC’s. An infinite number of series can be created without additional fees payable to the Secretary of State, or additional paperwork required by the state. Contact one of the attorneys at Nevantage Law Group to learn more about how series LLCs can benefit you.

The following tasks are included in Series LLC Formation:

  1. Initial consultation to evaluate your needs
  2. Legal advice on how to best structure the series LLC
  3. Prepare a first draft of the organizational documents
  4. Address your questions in relation to the organizational documents
  5. Prepare a final version of the organizational documents
  6. Obtain your Federal Tax ID, if applicable
  7. Preparation of the appropriate documents to transfer your property (real or personal) into the LLC
  8. Advice on the appropriate entity form
  9. Issues related to pre-existing or related business entities
  10. Resolution of disagreements between the founders
  11. Preparation of additional separate series agreements including transfer documents for more than two series (each additional separate series will cost $500)

The following tasks are not included in Series LLC Formation:

Flat Rate Price: $2,250