Tax Reducation Planning

Business-tax-formsDepending on where a business is based, it may face significantly more challenges than other. This is especially true in high-tax states like California, Oregon, New Jersey, New York and Illinois. The regulations and tax structures of these states can prove inhibitive for growth-oriented businesses.

With the goal of reducing their exposure to state income taxes and creditors, Nevantage provides business entity management and tax planning services to a growing number of corporations, business owners and entrepreneurs. Our clients choose to take advantage of Nevada’s unique tax, asset protection, business and trust laws—and our expertise. Nevantage’s clients are able to:

  • Significantly reduce or avoid the imposition of state income taxes on specific high value corporate services through the set up and administration of a separate investment or intellectual property subsidiary
  • Reduce and defer the imposition of state income tax on the sale of highly appreciated assets
  • Defer or avoid of state income taxes on the growth and appreciation of business and personal assets
  • Obtain creditor protection for critical business assets through the set-up and maintenance of Nevada asset protection trusts

Unforeseen tax liabilities create massive and unnecessary expenses for unprotected or improperly structured businesses. Rather than leaving money on the table, talk to one of Nevatage’s expert attorneys today.