Advanced Business and Entity Planning

Business-strategy-chessNevada provides corporations, LLC and trusts with unique tax, operational, asset protection and well-generation capabilities provide operational and structural competitive advantages. Our attorneys utilize their in-depth knowledge of these advantages to provide clients with the maximum benefits possible.

Advanced Business Planning Lawyers

Nevada does not have corporate or personal income tax and allows business owners to set up trusts of which they are beneficiaries. The assets of these trusts are not only protected from creditors, but may be invested and grow on a tax-deferral or state tax-free basis without imposition.  The savings can be significant in states like California, where state taxes are high. It also provides for a significant advantage over competitors not employing tax-saving measures.

This is and numerous other strategies unique to Nevada are currently being utilized by Apple, Microsoft, Oracle and many other Fortune 500 companies. These and many other smart businesses set up separate and tangible asset, intellectual-property or investment subsidiaries in the state of Nevada, taking full advantage of the fact that the earnings of these subsidiaries are not generally taxable at all in the state in which the parent company’s business operations are headquartered.

Our attorneys are experts at properly setting up Nevada subsidiaries that allow our clients to take full advantage Nevada’s tax benefits. Contact us for a consultation, and let Nevantage help your company succeed.