Startup Plus

Startup Plus

The Startup Plus provides the same benefits as the Startup Light, but expands the services that are included to make the package more applicable to a more sophisticated entity structure which required additional contracts and agreements. Leverage the experience and knowledge of the attorneys at Nevantage Law Group to ensure that your business is properly set up from beginning, which will give your business a better chance of success.

The following tasks are included in Startup Plus:

  1. Everything included in the startup package light
  2. Drafting Equity incentive plan and form of stock option agreement
  3. Drafting board approval for equity incentive plan and stock option agreement
  4. Drafting initial stock option grants
  5. Drafting board approval for stock option grants
  6. Drafting offer letter for employees
  7. Drafting employee proprietary information agreement
  8. Drafting consulting agreement
  9. Drafting intern agreement
  10. Drafting unilateral non-disclosure agreement
  11. Drafting bilateral non-disclosure agreement
  12. Drafting advisor agreement
  13. Issues related to pre-existing or related business entities
  14. Resolution of disagreements between former or current founders
  15. Paperwork for more than 5 founders

The following tasks are not included in Startup Plus:

Flat Rate Price: $2,750