Startup Light

Startup Light

If you are an experienced business owner or a serial entrepreneur, then you know that when you are in the formation stages of a business, a lack of planning can lead to problems down the road. The best way to avoid problems with your business including tax issues, litigation, or unnecessary outlays of capital is to take the steps necessary to properly form your business from the outset. The Startup Light is designed to help business owners set their business up correctly from the start in order to avoid problems as the business progresses.

The following tasks are included in Startup Light:

  1. Advice on the appropriate corporate form
  2. Verification of name availability
  3. Filing of certificate of incorporation
  4. Drafting of board approval for the incorporation
  5. Drafting of bylaws for the corporation
  6. Drafting of indemnification agreement for directors and officers
  7. Drafting of board approval for indemnification agreement
  8. Filing of IRS form for an employer identification number
  9. Filing to do business as a foreign corporation
  10. Registered Agent Registration
  11. Drafting corporate records and a minute book
  12. Drafting of restricted stock purchase agreements
  13. Drafting of stock certificates and receipts
  14. Drafting of board approval for stock issuance
  15. Drafting tax filings (83(b)) for restricted stock
  16. Issues related to pre-existing or related business entities
  17. Resolution of disagreements between former or current founders
  18. Paperwork for more than 5 founders

The following tasks are not included in Startup Light:

Flat Rate Price: $1,750