LLC Formation

LLC Formation

The proliferation of limited liability companies over the past 15-20 years has been amazing. Many business owners find that the limited liability company offers many of the benefits of a corporation, but without a lot of the formality and strict governance requirements. Also, limited liability companies offer tax benefits to many businesses that C-Corps simply cannot. Contact the attorneys at Nevantage Law Group and we will be happy to discuss whether a limited liability company is the right fit for you.

The following tasks are included in LLC Formation:

  1. Initial consultation to evaluate your needs
  2. Legal advice on how to best structure the LLC
  3. Prepare a first draft of the formation documents
  4. Address your questions in relation to the formation documents
  5. Prepare a final version of the formation documents
  6. Obtain your Federal Tax ID
  7. Advice on the appropriate corporate form
  8. Issues related to pre-existing or related business entities
  9. Resolution of disagreements between the founders
  10. Paperwork for more than 5 founders

The following tasks are not included in LLC Formation:

Flat Rate Price: $1,500