Incorporation Formation

Incorporation Formation

  • Corporation Formation

The benefits of a corporation are widely-known and undisputed. Take advantage of the liability protection, possible tax benefits and the ability to raise capital by forming a corporation. Any business owner that is operating their business as a sole proprietorship these days is asking for trouble, so take advantage of the experience and expertise of the lawyers at Nevantage Law Group to incorporate your business.

The following tasks are included in Incorporation:

  1. Initial consultation to evaluate your needs
  2. Legal advice on how to best structure the corporation
  3. Prepare a first draft of the formation documents
  4. Address your questions in relation to the formation documents
  5. Prepare a final version of the formation documents
  6. Obtain your Federal Tax ID
  7. Advice on the appropriate corporate form
  8. Issues related to pre-existing or related business entities
  9. Resolution of disagreements between the founders
  10. Paperwork for more than 5 founders

The following tasks are not included in Incorporation:

Flat Rate Price: $1,500