Estate Plan Plus (Single)

Estate Plan Plus (Single)

The Estate Plan Plus for a single person offers all of the benefits of the Estate Plan Plus for a couple; however it is structured for an individual.

The following tasks are included in Estate Plan Plus (Single):

  1. Initial consultation to evaluate your needs
  2. Prepare a first draft of the will, living trust, power of attorney and advanced health care directive
  3. Prepare transfer documents for up to 2 properties
  4. Address your questions in relation to the estate planning documents
  5. Prepare a final version of the estate planning documents
  6. Proper execution of the documents
  7. Filing and other administrative fees
  8. Federal Estate Planning Services (Applies when net worth exceeds $5M (individuals) or $10M (couples)

The following tasks are not included in Estate Plan Plus (Single)

Flat Rate Price: $1,200