Estate Plan Plus (Couple)

Estate Plan Plus (Couple)

There are a number of advantages of having an Estate Plan in place for you and your partner. An estate plan permits you to dictate ahead of time where your belongings will go and how your assets will be distributed. Another advantage of having an estate plan is that you will avoid probate, which is often what is required if you only have a will. By avoiding probate you avoid the legal expense of hiring a probate attorney and you also remove the control of the court in distributing your assets. The assets will be distributed in connection with your wishes that are set-forth in the estate plan, which will be administered by the Trustee of the Trust.

The following tasks are included in Estate Plan Plus (Couple):

  1. Initial consultation to evaluate your needs
  2. Prepare a first draft of the wills, living trust, power of attorney and advanced health care directives for each partner
  3. Prepare transfer documents for up to 2 properties
  4. Address your questions in relation to the estate planning documents
  5. Prepare a final version of the estate planning documents
  6. Proper execution of the documents
  7. Filing and other administrative fees
  8. Federal Estate Planning Services (Applies when net worth exceeds $5M (individuals) or $10M (couples)

The following tasks are not included in Estate Plan Plus (Couple):

Flat Rate Price: $1,500